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No Shows at the Moment
Artist: www.musicofaloha.com
Björn Kleinhenz
30.04.2011 GER - Hamburg, Hasenschaukel
01.05.2011 GER - Duesseldorf, Brause
02.05.2011 GER - Cologne, King Georg
03.05.2011 GER - Wiesbaden, Walhalla Spiegelsaal
04.05.2011 GER - Munich, Kino Maxim
05.05.2011 GER - Dresden, Thalia Kino
06.05.2011 GER - Berlin, Grüner Salon
07.05.2011 GER - Münster, AMP
Artist: www.kleinhenz.se
Booking: bjoern@underthestars.de
No Shows at the Moment.
Artist: www.thisisourworld.net
Booking: info@mi-amante.de
No Shows at the Moment.
Artist: www.cobolt.tk
Booking: matthias@2fortheroad.de
Gregor Samsa
No Shows at the Moment.
Artist: www.gregorsamsa.com
Booking: niels@selmatravels.de
No Shows at the Moment.
Artist: www.headlightsmusic.com
US Booking: feinbooking@gmail.com
European Booking: info@dial-booking.de
Metal Hearts
No Shows at the Moment.
Artist www.metalheartsmusic.com
US Booking www.noiseproblem.com
European Booking www.selmatravels.de
Musika 77
presented by Persona Non Grata & Popfrontal.de
No Shows at the Moment.
Artist www.myspace.com/music77
European Booking www.underthestars.de
No Shows at the Moment.
Artist www.myspace.com/mybandowen
No Shows at the Moment.
Artist: www.palestar.de
Booking: hartung@big-f-gmbh.de
Rob & The Pinhole Stars
No Shows at the Moment.
Artist: www.pinholestars.de
Booking: niels@selmatravels.de
24.04.2011BEL - Gent, Cafe Video
25.04.2011 FRA - Paris, L'International
27.04.2011 FRA - Lyon, Kraspek Myzik
30.04.2011 ITA - Terni, Palmetta
01.05.2011 ITA - Guastalla, Handmade Festival
02.05.2011 CZ - Czech Budweis, Velbloud Club
03.05.2011 AUT - Vienna, Arena
04.05.2011 GER - München, Glockenbackwerkstatt
05.05.2011 GER - Offenbach, Hafen 2
06.05.2011 GER - Göttingen, Pools
07.05.2011 GER - Erfurt, Franz Mehlhose
08.05.2011 GER - Berlin, NBI @ Canadian Blast
09.05.2011 GER - Magdeburg, Cafe Central
10.05.2011 GER - Hamburg, Astra Stube
18.05.2011 GER - Köln, Rubinrot
21.05.2011 GER - Leipzig, Pop Up Festival
Artist: www.snailhousemusic.com
Booking: bjoern (at) utsm (dot) de
featured releases
snailhouse - sentimental gentleman
MP3: Sentimental Gentleman
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"Sentimental Gentleman" CD/LP (180 gram vinyl)

Snailhouse is an ongoing collection of songs by Montreal based artist Mike Feuerstack. Half singer-songwriter, half experimental guitar player - Feuerstack is in love with words and music and how they play together. Over the course of 5 albums and an EP, Snailhouse has earned a very loyal following all over the underground music world.
At once classic and inventive, the unique song-craft and sensibility listeners come to expect from Snailhouse takes genres both new and old and weaves them into something that can never be listened to the same way twice.

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snailhouse - lies on the prize
MP3: Dollar Signs
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"Monumental Moments" CD EP

Consider "Monumental Moments" a home for loose ends by Snailhouse.Outtakes, live tracks and rarities are all collected under one roof and brought to you as a gift. In return we ask that you support the independent music you love, simply by going to the shows and buying music. Keep it alive. Thanks for listening. Enjoy!

snailhouse - lies on the prize
MP3: Dollar Signs
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"Lies On The Prize" CD/LP

On Lies on the Prize, Snailhouse's songs hit harder, shine fiercer, than any that came before. It's due in large part to the production by Arcade Fire's Jeremy Gara. I love the affection in each track, the richness of sound, the amethysts & seashells & uppercuts they found. Snailhouse is Mike Feuerstack, who also plays in the Wooden Stars and Bell Orchestre. (Said The Gramophone)

mock orange - captain love
MP3: Song in D
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Mock Orange
"Captain Love" CD

Captain Love is an immediate classic. By continuing to take risks and stetch their already developed musical abilities, Mock Orange prove once again they are one of the most interesting and original bands making music today. One need look no further than the album’s cover, designed by Kathleen Lolley (My Morning Jacket's Z), to get an idea of the many treats that await inside. Captain Love was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee with producer Jeremy Ferguson (Be Your Own Pet, Josh Rouse).

aloha - light works
MP3: Body Buzz
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"Light Works" Picture Disc 12"

This collection of seven new Aloha songs was conceived to be an end-of-the-calender-year pleasant surprise: a care package or a thank you note to fans and anyone who might be curious. But Aloha has a problem doing anything halfway, and the result is a set of Aloha’s most gorgeous, ambitious and fully-realized songs. Instead of saying thanks, Aloha is probably saying hello to a bunch of new listeners.
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