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"Light Works"
Format: Picture Disc 12"
Mi Amante 15
Release Date: December 21st
This collection of seven new Aloha songs was conceived to be an end-of-the-calender-year pleasant surprise: a care package or a thank you note to fans and anyone who might be curious. But Aloha has a problem doing anything halfway, and the result is a set of Alohaís most gorgeous, ambitious and fully-realized songs. Instead of saying thanks, Aloha is probably saying hello to a bunch of new listeners. Each song is based on Tonyís acoustic guitars, but the world they inhabit is vintage Aloha: richly detailed, moody, intensely rhythmic and flowing with melody. Itís probably Alohaís most inviting release, in spirit and in sound. Aloha multi-instrumentalist and studio wizard T.J. Lipple mixes in the studio magic while leaving the free-spirited vibe of the recording sessions intact (the EPís closer, for example, is mainly a song written over an improvised piece). Piano, brass, oddly tuned guitars, drums, bass, mallet instruments and vintage keyboards fill out the arrangements.
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track listing 1. Body Buzz
2. Broken Light
3. Trick Spring
4. The End
5. Passengers
6. Gold World
7. Equinox
MP3 Body Buzz

liner notes Engineered by Nick Anderson at Inner Ear.
Produced, mixed and mastered by T.J. Lipple at Siver Sonya.
Aloha is: Cale Parks, Matthew Gengler, T.J. Kipple and Tony Cavallario.
Artwork by Jake Kelly and Daniel Danger.
Layout and screenprinting by Mr. Hanky.
links Band Site www.musicofaloha.com
My Space www.myspace.com/themetalhearts
US Label www.polyvinylrecords.com
European Booking www.2fortheroad.de
US Booking www.flowerbooking.com

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