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MP3 Out of Style ("Trans Pony" CD)
Starlight Queen ("Trans Pony" CD)
Brave Hearts (split MCD w/ Rob & The Pinhole Stars)
Movie Better Company (Quicktime - 18 MB)
Better Company (Windows Media Video - 10 MB)

MP3 Sadly Goodbyes ("Kill 'Em All" CD)

MP3 City Song ("Passoa" LP)

MP3 Tokyo ("Enemies" 12")

homage to catalonia
MP3 Homage To Catalonia ("Squandered By A Jury Of Piss Poor Pokerfaces" MCD)

metal hearts
MP3 Foothills ("Socialize" CD)
Socialize ("Socialize" CD)
Movie Watch the video for "Foothills" at You Tube

musika 77
MP3 Llanvair Llev ("Brave You Free May" CD)

MP3 Drowned In A Bathtub ("Mind The Landscapes" CD)

rob and the pinhole stars
MP3 Stop and Start ("Stop and Start" CD)
Neighbours ("Stop and Start" CD)
High Society (split MCD w/ Björn Kleinhenz)
And Again ("Greyskysmile")
Your Way ("Greyskysmile")
Carpet Crawler ("Greyskysmile")

featured releases
aloha - light works
Body Buzz
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"Light Works" Picture Disc 12"

In Stores February 1st
Now shipping!

This collection of seven new Aloha songs was conceived to be an end-of-the-calender-year pleasant surprise: a care package or a thank you note to fans and anyone who might be curious. But Aloha has a problem doing anything halfway, and the result is a set of Aloha’s most gorgeous, ambitious and fully-realized songs. Instead of saying thanks, Aloha is probably saying hello to a bunch of new listeners.

musika 77 - brave your free may
LLanvair Llev
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Musika 77
"Brave You Free May" CD

Brave You Free May arrives with power restrained, like the onset of an avalanche. Eight bittersweet songs aching with memories past, holding promise for the future. An album full of stories, of bittersweet tales of life. A record about letting go, about moving on, about death and loss. About truth.

owen the ep
In The Morning, Before Work
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"The EP" 12"

Owen a.k.a. Mike Kinsella (American Football, Joan of Arc) returned in 2004 with five new songs that are as wry and biting as ever. Kinsella is joined by Cale Parks on vibraphone, Bob Hoffnar on pedal steel, Jen Tabor on cello and violin, and Paul Koob on vioobrophone and violoncello.
The vinyl 12" has "I woke up today" from the Japanese version of Owen's latest album "I do perceive" as a bonus track.
Limited copies on yellow vinyl!

metal hearts socialize
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Metal Hearts
"Socialize" LP

On Socialize, Metal Hearts drop a mope-addled dose of bedroom rock. On which Anar's baritone lends a low foundation to Flora's airy registers. Sonically meshing together the angular bites of Long Drive-era Modest Mouse, the expansive bedroom drone of Arab Strap, and the subtle whispers of Cat Power.
Limited copies on white vinyl!

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Gregor Samsa
"27:36+2dot" LP

back in print!
Gregor Samsa's music equals a dream out of sound, ethereal female/male vocals, lucid, inspiring moments and sometimes noisy emphasis. They delve into worlds that've seen aesthetes such as L'altra, Sigur Ros or Godspeed You! Black Emperor before, yet they discover some fertile new ground. This now available LP, namely "27:36 + 2DOT", features their recent album plus one track of their first EP.

mind the landscapes
Drowned In A Bathtub
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"?Mind The Landscapes!" CD

Palestar invite you on a journey of sensitive passion and brilliant pathos. Excellent songwriting combined with powerful instruments create unique emotions, that will certainly hold their promise to change things from the moment you've heard the bands music for the first time. These stardust melodies were fed by a narcissistic voice that touches your heart in an uncompared way. "?Mind the landscapes!" is not far now from the dogma of works like "Pure Phase" by Spiritualized or Mercury Rev's "Deserters Songs". Just let those guys go a little further on in. Space is the place!

the enemies ep
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"The Enemies EP" 12"

Headlights are at the forefront of the resurgent scene happening in the twin cities of Champaign-Urbana. By exhibiting an uncanny ability to merge electronics with the barest of pop elements, Headlights carve a unique niche for themselves that falls nicely between My Bloody Valentine and The Postal Service. The Vinyl includes the bonus track "Pity City". CD EP released on Polyvinyl Records.

trans pony
Out of Style
Starlit Queen
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Björn Kleinhenz
"Trans Pony" CD

It would just be too easy to see in Björn Kleinhenz just another Northern Singer/Songwriter-Sensation. To be nothing but the next Kristofer Aström or the next Rasmus Kellermann (Tiger Lou), his design of contemplation is too close to the less geographically obvious heroes in adagio, just as The Jayhawks, Canyon or Early Day Miners. Closest though to his own melancholies.

stop and start
Stop and Start
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Rob & The Pinhole Stars
"Stop And Start" CD

"Stop And Start" the boys recent effort is just that: pausing and beginning anew. They are celebrating the selfreflecting and warm-hearted moment of their songs in their already known devotion. But this time they dare to do it in obvious self-confidence. They dare to be Pop. They don't hold back. The acoustic and electronic elements are mutually dependent while the acoustic side knows more graceful harmonies und the electronics are enhanced to be more than just state-of-the-art. It is stop and start: Irresistibly dynamic.
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