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Gregor Samsa
Gregor Samsa, a young band from Richmond, Virginia, blends the dynamic range of Godspeed You Black Emperor, the melodic subtleties of Slowdive, Low and the Cocteau Twins, and the swirling guitar maelstrom of My Bloody Valentine into a fusion of hushed atmospherics and disorienting noisescapes.
During their hypnotic live performances, songs stretch into one another, projected images mesh with sound, and volume shifts from a whisper to a roar. The chaotic nature of their live show is channeled into a lush, multi-layered recording, focusing upon subtle male-female vocal layering, booming drums, and the interplay of acoustic and electric piano, organ, and synthesized instrumentation.
In spring 2002, Gregor Samsa released their first official album - a three song EP on Boston's Iodine Recordings. A year later they released a full length album entitled "27:36" on the same label.
Shortly after the release of 27:36, two founding members of the band decided to walk away, leaving only what was to become the foundation of a collective. In the months to come, the band toured, performed and collaborated with a variety of musical talents, including Rick Alverson (Spokane), Bobby Donne (Labradford/Cristal), Eric Yevak (Mockingbird/MBM), Jason Wood (Engine Down), and currently Jason Laferrera (Laff/MBM).
The band has completed successful tours supporting K (karla of Ida) and Calla (Arenarock Recordings), Engine Down (Lovitt Records), and ISIS (Ipecac Records), as well as played a number of successful shows with bands including Interpol, Calla, Mono, Her Space Holiday, Explosions in the Sky, The Mercury Program, Stephen Brodsky, Ted Leo, Friend/Enemy, Crooked Fingers and AM/FM
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MP3 Three ("27:36 + 2DOT" LP)

press "Gregor Samsa is my new favorite band... Imagine if Sigur Ros were from Richmond, Virginia..." (3Hive)
"Combines the haunting serenity of early Low with the scope of Mogwai." (Sound the Sirens)
"beautifully crafted, minimalist soundscapes" (Transform Online)
"phenomenal debut" (Pitchfork)
Selma Travels
P.O. Box 10 28 48
33528 Bielefeld
55:12 Gregor Samsa
"55:12" CD

Kora / Own Records - 2006
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split with red sparowes Gregor Samsa / Red Sparowes split 12"
Robotic Empire - 2005
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27:36 + 2dot
Gregor Samsa
"27:36 + 2DOT" LP

Mi Amante 06 - 02/2004
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