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In December 2001 we decided it's about time to set the record straight, get together and start recording our first full length.
Hardly 8 months before, things were different. We had just signed to East West Records, a major company based in Hamburg taking care of artists like AC/DC, Missy Elliott, Outkast and what not. We were all stoked about the possibilities the Product Manager offered us and the first money was about to reach Frankfurt in the next couple of days. To cut a long story short: none of the promises were fulfilled, the money never came, our hopes dashed.
For a band like us, this was pretty hard to take at first. We'd always put all our effort into the band and had been living low key over a couple of years just to be prepared "when things would start to take off".
Looking back today, it seems that we acted like a bunch of dumb kids when we trusted a major company that told us all the stories we had been waiting for since day one: touring with the big bands, recording a record in Spain, playing all the festivals in summer - you name it.
Anyway, at the point we were dropped, in summer of 2001, Coach were about to break up. We had long discussions about the meaning of the band, the meaning of being a musician and what to do and what not to do. At the end of the day, we were all like: fuck all, let's start over!
On the same day we went to rehearsal and started writing songs for "kill 'em all". You just can't imagine how good the vibes were on that special day for Coach. This lasted through-out the whole writing process for the record. We felt relieved.
In December 2001, we went into the studio to record the drum takes and bass lines for the record. We had plenty of time but the band was short of funds. So we decided to record at a friend's small studio in Frankfurt to keep the costs low. We wanted to have time for de-tails, arrangements and all the other stuff you are focussed on while recording your first long player. The whole recording process took more than a year and we're almost about to break Def Leppard's 18 month recording time for "Hysteria".
We just needed this long recording period because in the studio a lot of songs changed in complete different directions. We added some new instruments and built instruments by ourselves, sometimes just for a 2 second appearance in a song. As you can see, we took shit seriously!
Now having the record released by our friends from Mi Amante Records, we are really proud of the result. It's not perfect and of course we would record all the songs completely different right now but it's the best we were able to do 2 years ago and at the end of the day, that's what it's all about:. being satisfied with what you did. Right now we have enough material for the 2nd record and (we promise) it won't take that long to record and release.
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